August Belt Testing

Belt Testing, Saturday August 10th

Just a reminder there are no regular scheduled classes when belt promotions are going on. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to testing in full Dragonfly Martial Arts uniform.

Little Dragons – 9 AM
Participant Name Current Rank Testing For
Ali, Muhammadnoor Dragon White Dragon Yellow
Bellerose, Nolan Dragon White Dragon Yellow
Sivaraman, Rohan Dragon Yellow Dragon Orange
Scow, Davny Dragon Yellow Dragon Orange
Guerrero, Aaron Dragon Orange Dragon Green
Medford, Jacob Dragon Orange Dragon Green
Brasseux, Ella Dragon Blue Dragon Purple
Scow, Gadsden Dragon Blue Dragon Purple
Juniors – 10 AM
Participant Name Current Rank Testing For
Parker, Avery White Yellow
Owens, Riley Yellow Orange
Chellew, Richard Yellow Orange
Arya, Ritayan Yellow Orange
Kothalanka, Lavanya Orange Green
Chambers, Ethan Green Blue
Chambers, Kyla Green Blue
Chambers, Evelyn Green Blue
Vennefron, Ainsley Green Blue
Bingham, Dresdyn Green Blue
Karthik, Jayanth Green Blue
Williams, Ben Blue Purple
Williams, Josh Blue Purple
Cochran, Seth Blue Purple
Yamalanchili, Sai Satwik Adv. Purple Brown
Burju, Vibhav Brown Adv. Brown
Redondo, Spenser Brown Adv. Brown
St. Clair, Avery Red Adv. Red
St. Clair, Brody Red Adv. Red
Cando, Arjan Cond Level 2 Cond Lvl 3
Guerrero, Alexis Cond Level 2 Cond Lvl 3

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