Belt Graduation

Saturday, September 14th will be our Monthly Belt Graduation. There are no regular scheduled classes on Graduation Day.

The following students are being considered for promotion:

Dragons Test at 9 AM
Participant NameCurrent RankPromotion
Caldwell, WesleyDragon WhiteDragon Yellow
Tubb, CorrineDragon WhiteDragon Yellow
Tubb, JamesDragon WhiteDragon Yellow
Brawley, CaseDragon WhiteDragon Yellow
Forrest, AdamDragon WhiteDragon Yellow
Brown, AustinDragon YellowDragon Orange
Arya, RishaanDragon OrangeDragon Green
Jr’s Test at 10 AM
Participant NameCurrent RankPromotion
Higginbotham, StellaWhiteYellow
Higginbotham, DeanWhiteYellow
Meireles, LandonYellowOrange
Gardner, JessicaOrangeGreen
Northup, LilyOrangeGreen
Northup, HudsonOrangeGreen
Arya, RohanGreenBlue
Hill, BreckenBluePurple
Brasseux, StephenBluePurple
Sabu, MatthewAdv. PurpleBrown
Hart, MeganBrownAdv. Brown
Powell, JoshuaBrownAdv. Brown
Jabbar, AbdullahRedAdv. Red
Jabbar, IsraRedAdv. Red
Sebert, KailinAdv. RedCond Black Lvl 1
Sebert, McKennaAdv. RedCond Black Lvl 1
Soto, LukeAdv. RedCond Black Lvl 1
Gonzales, GraysonAdv. RedCond Black Lvl 1
Guerrero, AlexisCond BlackCond Black Lvl 3
Sieks, HalenCond BlackCond Black Lvl 3

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