Birthday Parties

Hassle Free Birthday Parties ~ Fun, Exciting, & DIFFERENT

Did you know that at Dragonfly Martial Arts, we provide birthday parties for kids and adults alike?  Generally held on Saturday afternoons, your birthday party is supervised and led by one of our Black Belt Instructors and includes check-in, games supervision and activities, and tables for your refreshments.

Every party is tailored to the individual. You can watch your child play favorite games with friends or join in the fun. The kids are in a safe, positive environment where they will get plenty of physical activity while having a blast with their best friends.

Your karate birthday party is maintenance free. You won’t have to lift a finger. Simply supply us with your friends and family’s addresses and we take care of the invitations and confirmations. While you’re here, relax enjoy the party or participate in the games.

We will:

  • Serve Pizza and Drinks to your guests
  •  Serve the Birthday cake you provide
  •  Entertain your guests with fun, high energy, games
  •  Hand out the gift bags you provide
  •  Present the Birthday Child with a Team Tee Shirt
  •  Supply VIP Gift certificates to all buddies
  •  and best of all, we CLEAN UP THE MESS!

Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy the fun. We supply plenty of pizza and juice for the kids. You may order extra pizza for the adults or, we have found that a snack table including drinks of your choice also works beautifully.

You personalize the party for your child by providing the birthday cake and, if desired, gift bags with those special favors you know everyone will enjoy.

Please contact us as early as possible to reserve your child’s birthday weekend and for information on pricing.

We love to party.